A museum that doesn't exists needs art that doesn't exist.

Nimda Contemporary Arts Research & Museum Facility.

Carolina Magis Weinberg

Instructions for breaking walls :

For the last forty years the beach has lied beneath the pavement. The sea has been behind the mountain, the sky has hid behind the wall, the city has been outside, the cold has stayed at the other side of the window.
If you do not have a bulldozer, I will give you the steps you need to follow to free the landscape.

1- Find yourself in a very intimate place, your home, your memories, your school, the place where you used to play hide and seek.

2- Walk around this place, thinking about all the secrets you know about it.

3- Now think about that which you cannot see, that which the walls are hiding.

4- Pick a specific spot where you are more interested about the possibility of the outside, than the certitude of the inside.

5- Go out looking for the hidden landscape; take a look behind the wall.

6- Observe.

7- Feel.

8- Appropriate the outside, live it, be in it, wonder through it, force it inside, next to your other memories.

9- Go in again.

10- Go back to the place you first selected.

11- Write on the wall what you saw in the other side.

12- Flee.

13- Let someone else find your words.

14- Go away quickly; leave before the landscape enters the room.

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