A museum that doesn't exists needs art that doesn't exist.

Nimda Contemporary Arts Research & Museum Facility.

Xuti a.k.a Jocelyn Nieto

The adventure of birth, say it, say it, say, to the voice of the crocodile.

1 - Please be absolutely relaxed. Completely happy. Let nothing disturb you.

2 - You will make a painting in the support of your choose.

3 - The size I suggest is to be three to six.

4 - I ask you to think you are a gentle, angry crocodile.

5 - Put the song Bailando Salsa by Mecano.

6 - No matter what the lyrics say, to your extent, follow the music.

7 - Your painting will take the shape of a crocodile. Paint what you want.

8 - I thank you for your work and for having fun.

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